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Follow arrows with a "C"

  START: Naquag Elementary School,
Route 122A, Rutland, Mass.
0.0 LEFT onto Route 122A north 77.3 LEFT onto West St.
1.5 RIGHT into Rutland State Park 77.9 Ó Petersham Country Store
-- fuel up!
STRAIGHT onto East Street
2.6 RIGHT onto Rte. 122 north 85.6 LEFT onto Rte. 122 south (Barre
10.0 LEFT onto Rte. 32 south (South St.) 90.4 RIGHT onto Colebrook Road -- long
17.5 RIGHT onto Rte. 32A (Hardwick Center) 93.4 STRAIGHT (Oakham Center)
20.2 STRAIGHT onto Greenwich Rd. 93.5 STRAIGHT
22.9 STRAIGHT into Quabbin Reservation
via Gate 43; go to dead end (nice view)
and then double back to gate
94.4 LEFT onto North Brookfield Road at
stop sign
27.8 RIGHT from gate onto Greenwich Rd. 96.4 RIGHT onto Rte. 122 south
35.9 RIGHT onto North St. (Ware) 98.3 LEFT onto Rte. 122A south toward
Rutland Center
36.0 RIGHT onto Main Street (Rte. 9 west) 100.6 RIGHT into school parking lot
40.4 RIGHT to enter Quabbin Reservation    
43.8 LEFT -- follow signs to summit    
44.3 Ó SUMMIT. Take a rest; enjoy view.    
44.3 LEFT to rotary    
44.7 LEFT toward Winsor Dam    
46.2 RIGHT to Winsor Dam    
46.9 Ó Refill water bottles at Winsor Dam
Visitors Center
47.3 RIGHT onto Rte. 9 west    
50.3 RIGHT onto Rte. 202 north
Ó Food & water available at store
67.0 Ó Yankee Strudel bakery on left    
70.2 RIGHT onto Rte. 122 south    

Ride contributed by Dick Avery
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