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Upton - Westboro Ride

Start: Worcester Skating Rink, 484 Lake Ave.

0.0 Right onto Lake Ave. 15.8 Right at Upton State Forest
entrance (Southboro Rd)
1.5 Left onto Sunderland Rd. 17.3 Left at Stop sign onto
Spring St, toward Woodville
1.7 Straight at Light, Across Rte 20. 18.6 Left at end onto Rte 135
3.6 Right onto Prentice,
across from Creeper Hill Orchard
20.4 Right onto Upton Rd
3.7 Right onto Rte 140 South   Stop sign, bear left (Rte 135)
4.4 Left at light onto East St.
Caution: RR Tracks
22.1 Left onto Cross St. to avoid
Westboro rotary ahead.
5.4 Right onto Institute/Wesson 22.2 Stop sign, go straight,
then Right onto Ruggles
5.9 Right onto North St. 22.3 Left onto West Main St.
(Route 30)
7.3 Left onto Merriam. 27.4 Leave Route 30: Bear Right
onto Westboro Rd.
Caution: RR tracks at bad angle
8.3 Right onto Meadowbrook 27.8 turn Right to stay on Westboro Rd
8.9 Left onto Rte 140 South. 27.9 Right onto Route 140
  Caution: Grafton Flea Mkt. at 10.8
miles -- pedestrians crossing.
28.1 Left onto Prentice
12.6 Left at light (West Upton) onto
High Street
28.2 Left onto Creeper Hill
  Regroup at plaza 30.1 Traffic light at Rte 20:
Go straight across onto
13.8 Left onto Westboro Rd
Towards Upton State Forest
30.3 Right onto Lake Ave.
    31.8 U-Turn to Skating Rink.

Ride route contributed by Lynne Tolman
This page created and maintained by Rich Whalen.
ęCopyright 1998 by Seven Hills Wheelmen, Worcester, MA.
Last Modified on: August 02, 2002