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Meet at Lancaster Middle School parking lot at intersection of Rte's 70 & 117.

Mileage Instruction
0.0 From school parking lot turn left onto Rte 70
0.1 Turn left at intersection Rte's 70 & 117
0.4 Turn right onto Route 70 (Lunenburg Rd.)
5.2 Turn right onto Shirley Road
5.7 Turn left onto Reservoir Rd. (at Sand and Gravel Plant)
7.7 Turn right onto Flat Hill Rd.
11.2 Turn left onto Rte 2A (Mass. Ave.)
12.1 Turn right onto Townsend Harbor Rd.
17.0 Intersection with Rte 119 (obey traffic lights)
Go straight across 119 onto Spaulding St. (no sign)
17.6 Turn left onto Proctor Rd.
20.2 Turn left onto North End Rd.
20.8 Intersection with Rte 13. Turn right on Rte 13
24.4 Turn left onto Mason Rd. (no sign) It is immediately after
crossing Brook.
27.4 Arrive at Parker Sugar House Restaurant (on Left)
Have pancake feast and relax a bit
Leaving Parker's turn left and continue uphill on Mason Rd.
30.2 Intersection, continue straight ahead (toward Townsend), now
you are on Townsend Rd.
31.4 Come to fork, bear right, staying on Townsend Rd.
34.3 Come to fork, bear left.
34.5 Intersection, turn left (no street name sign)
36.1 Intersection, turn right onto Rte 13.  (Ice Cream and Snack Bar
just after crossing Route 119 on right if anyone is hungry)
Continue on Rte 13
41.3 Turn left onto West Townsend Rd.
41.6 Turn left (no road name sign)
41.7 Turn right onto Highland Rd.
42.8 Bear right onto Main St. (Lunenburg)
43.1 Regroup on Lunenburg Common.
(Drinks and Snacks avail at Store)
After regrouping, cross Rte 2A
43.2 Left at fork, now on Lancaster St.
47.5 Intersection. Left onto Shirley Rd.
48.1 Turn right onto Fort Pond Rd.
49.3 Go straight over Rte 2. Now on Rte 70 (Lunenburg Rd.)
52.9 Intersection. Turn left onto Rte 70/117
53.1 Turn right onto Rte 70
53.2 Turn right into school parking lot.
53.3 That's it--ride over--The End--Congratulations to all you well
fed hardy riders--Hope to see you all on the next ride.

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