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Seven Hills Wheelmen Cue Sheet Library

Rides starting in Auburn
Dresser Hill Farm, 33 miles

Rides starting in Dudley
Dudley-Woodstock, 24 miles

Rides starting in Framingham
Tour de MetroWest waterways - Short (30 miles), Long (40 miles)

Rides starting in Grafton
Grafton-Upton Ride - 24 miles
Bolton Explorer, 38 miles

Rides starting in Holden
Ride from Trout Brook Reservation, 36 miles
Water Crossings, 28 miles

Rides starting in Hopkinton
Hopkinton Ride, 43 miles
Holman's Hopkinton Halloween Howler, 26 miles

Rides starting in Lancaster
Parker Sugar House Restaurant Ride, 53 miles

Rides starting in Montague
Bookmill Ride, 45 miles

Rides starting in Paxton
Apple Dumpling - 40, 30, 20 miles, Start in Worcester, Paxton, or Rutland, MA
Paxton-Dudley Ride - 50 miles
Backroads Tour, 47 miles
Spring Water Ride, 37 miles
Rt 67 Tour, 47 miles

Rides starting in Pomfret, CT
Vanilla Bean Ride, 13 and 38 miles

Rides starting in Princeton
Cathedral of the Pines Ride, 51 miles
Thomas Prince Ride, 35 miles
35 Mile ride starting in Princeton, MA

Rides starting in Rutland
Quabbin Reservoir - Metric, Century, Double Metric
King's Tour of the Quabbin 2003 Metric, Century, Double Metric
1999-2003 Major Taylor - Quarter, Metric, Century
Apple Dumpling - 40, 30, 20 miles, Start in Worcester, Paxton, or Rutland, MA
Commons Tour - 53 miles
Common Ride #2 - 55 miles
Commons Ride #3, 66 Miles
Country Store Tour - 43 miles
Brookfield-Hardwick Ramble - 47 miles
Brookfield Ramble II - 47 miles
Hill Junkie Ride, 56 miles
45 Mile ride starting in Rutland, MA

Rides starting in Sterling
1994-1996 Century to Concord, MA
1997, 1998 Major Taylor - Quarter, Metric, Century

Rides starting in Uxbridge
Uxbridge - Purgatory Chasm, 29 miles

Rides starting in West Boylston
Fruitlands Ramble - 37 miles
Ride from Old Stone Church, 38 miles
A short ride from Old Stone Church, 20 miles
Ride Around Wachusett Reservoir, 19 Miles

Rides starting in Westboro
Patriot's Day - Marathon Ride - 30 miles
Westboro, Bolton, Berlin & More
Eastern Outback, 45 Miles
King Phillip Rock & Road Ride, 30 miles
Blackstone & Purgatory, 50 miles

Rides starting in Whitinsville
2004 Major Taylor Century, Metric, Quarter; profiles; and points of interest; Start at Whitin Community Center, Whitinsville, MA

Rides starting in Worcester
Purgatory Chasm - 40 miles
Lynne's Purgatory Loop, 28 miles
Apple Dumpling - 40, 30, 20 miles, Start in Worcester, Paxton, or Rutland, MA
Upton - Westboro Ride - 32 miles
Seven Hills of Worcester, 38 miles, Start at Worcester State College, MA
Nashoba Valley Winery, 45 miles,
Sight Seeing Ride, 23 miles
Claro's Backcountry Ramble, 54 miles
Animal Metric Century, 65 miles
Assabet Valley Tour, 53 miles

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