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Upton - Westboro Ride

Start: Tufts university School of Veterinary Medicine, Administration Building, Rte 30, Grafton MA

0.0 Use one-way driveway to exit to Rte 30 13.7 Right onto Southboro Rd
at State Forest Entrance.
0.1 Right onto Rte 30 West 15.2 Left at Stop sign onto Spring Street,
Toward Woodville.
0.9 Left onto Institute Rd. 16.5 Left at end onto Rte 135
1.4 Stop sign, keep left. 17.4 Left onto Belknap (sign obscured behind
Westboro town line sign).
1.9 Right onto North St. at Axtell Square 18.3 Right onto Upton Rd.
2.3 Left onto Merriam.  19.4 Stop Sign. Bear Left onto Rte 135
3.3 Right onto Meadonbrook. 20.0 Left onto Cross St. to avoid Westboro
rotary ahead. (If traffic is too heavy to
make a left turn here, continue to rotary
and go 3/4 around, onto Rte 30 West.
Then 4 miles to end; no more turns.
3.9 Left onto Route 140 South 20.1 Stop sign. Go Straight. Then Right
onto Ruggles
5.8 CAUTION: Grafton Fela Market
(Sundays) - pedestrians crossing
20.2 Left onto West Main St.
(Route 30 West)
9.5 Left at Light (West Upton)
onto High Street
24.1 Tufts University Vet. School
11.7 Left onto Westboro Roard
(Sign for Upton State Forest).

Ride route contributed by Lynne Tolman
This page created and maintained by Rich Whalen.
ęCopyright 1998 by Seven Hills Wheelmen, Worcester, MA.
Last Modified on: August 02, 2002