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Dresser Hill

0.00 Auburn library, go south on Swanson St., past the Mall.
0.15 Right turn onto Central St.
0.95 Left turn onto South St.
1.40 Cross Rt. 20, ( Washington St.)
2.90 Left turn onto Barnes St. > N. into Millbury > W. Main St.
5.70 Right turn onto Singletary Rd at Singletary Lake into Sutton > Sutton Rd.
9.70 Right turn onto Central Tnpk. Into Oxford > Sutton St.
11.10 Straight, Rt.12, rest stop.
11.70 Left onto Duddley Rd. into Dudley > Dudley Oxford Rd.
12.55 Straight, Stop sign.
15.35 Right, stay on Duddley Oxford Rd. Zemtra Sq.
16.70 Right onto Ramshorn Rd. (may not be marked)
17.90 Left onto Dresser Hill Rd. Note: no markings.
18.50 Right at stop sign, still Dresser Hill Rd. AKA R t. 31 > into Charlton
20.50 Dresser Hill Farm, Ice cream stop
North on Rt. 31, Dresser HilI Rd.
23.15 Right onto Mugget Hill Rd. (cemetary on right).
25.35 Left fork onto Richardson Corner Rd.
26.05 Right onto Turner Rd. (can't see sign).
26.65 Left fork Onto Williams Rd. into Oxford > McIntyre Rd.
28.05 Left onto Ennis Rd. (Clara Barton House).
28.90 Right onto Rt. 56
29.00 Left onto Rt. 12
29.05 Right Onto Prospect Ave. into Auburn
31.15 Cross Rt. 20.
31.25 Right onto Rt. 12 back to the Library Use caution when we reach
the Auburn Mall since Rt. 12 goes to two lanes with no breakdown lane.
33.15 Auburn Public Library.

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